Division 1 expectations

This PDF document, Grade 7 expectations contract, must be filled and handed back to Oli by September 15th, 2014

The following is what this document contains, as a reminder throughout the year:


Welcome to Grade 7! I am excited to be your teacher this year and to help you transition from elementary school to High School. I have written out a list of expectations to follow in order to have a fun and relaxed year. Please read them carefully. At the bottom of this page, you and your gardians must sign this contract. I will be signing it too.
I will look at the classroom website OurVirtualClass.Edublogs.com daily from Monday to Friday. One or both of my parents must subscribe to the blog roll to be informed of the upcoming events and homework. He/She/They will sign up with the following email address:

Name: ________________________ Email: _______________________________
Name: ________________________ Email: _______________________________

I will write down my homework daily in my planner. In Grade 7, keeping up with current assignments is my responsibility as I need to prepare for High School expectations.

I am aware that tests will be handed in back within 5 working days and that projects and writing assignments will be handed back within 10 working days. It is my responsibility, when I receive a marked assignment, to have it signed by a gardian, to bring it back to school and to put it in my student file within the next 3 working days.

I will respect the classroom’s code of conduct, written by all students on the first day of school. I have signed this document and I will honour it.

I am aware that I am responsible for my behaviour in class. I am aware that if Oli has to contact my parents 3 times for disruptive behaviour, I will be given a Quebec strike.

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