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Un corps sain dans un esprit sain! This French expression can be translated into: « a healthy mind in a healthy body ».  Eating healthy is part of your child’s education and it is proven that healthy lunch & snacks increase your child’s focus in the classroom and his/her brain development. Please support me in my initiative to educate the importance of healthy eating  at school by giving your child a healthy morning snack such as fruits, vegetables or dairy products.

Do not forget that our room is nut-free as some students have severe allergies in the school. Please make sure you read the ingredients properly if you buy an already-made snack  for your child. Most of the time, there will be a no-nuts sign on kids oriented snacks such a granola bars.


  • Snacks should  be eaten during the morning recess and not during instruction.
  • Lunch will occur in class during the first 20 minutes of the big recess. Students are responsible to keep the classroom clean before leaving for recess. I suggest students to bring a sponge or cleaning wipes to clean their desks before heading outside.
  • Sushi Days will happen on Tuesdays and Pizza days will happen on Thursdays.
  • Students are allowed a bottle of water in class.

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