Me in a Box

Due date: Monday, October 6th, 2014


Welcome back! Your peers and I want to get to know you.


For this project, you are asked to decorate and to fill in a shoe box with some items that are meaningful to you and  some items that tell us about your wonderful self! You will present your box and its content through an oral presentation ( Look at the rubric for the evaluation)


What you’ll need:


  • a shoe box.
  • Pictures
  • Art supplies
  • paper
  • 10 objects
  • a dictionary


Part 1: The 10 objects


  • 3 objects about things you like (hobbies)
  • 1 object about a place that you have traveled to
  • 2 objects that represent your family
  • 1 object that represents your favourite subject in school.
  • 1 object that represents what you want to become in the future
  • 1 photo book (See criteria)
  • 1 object of your choice

Part 2: Logo/moto

On the top of the box/lid, you must put a logo and a personal motto that you have created.

Before creating your logo, reflect on the following questions:

  • What makes your personality unique?
  • What colours represent you?
  • What symbols can you use from your favourite activities?
  • What logos can you use from your favourite foods or objects?
  • Can you think of an icon or a flag from a special place?

Before creating your motto, reflect on the following questions:

  • What words do you live by?
  • What words or sentences best represent how you live your life?
  • What are some expressions you use often?

Part 3: Photo Album


If you had to pick your five favourite days from this Summer, what would they be?


You have to create a small photo album that contains 5 pictures taken this Summer. For each picture, you must write a short paragraph (+/-5 sentences) describing the setting, the people that were present, what you were doing, the feelings you had when going this activity and why this was an important moment of your summer.


Your photo book must include an introduction paragraph (3 sentences). In  this paragraph, you must introduce in your own words the theme of  your photo book.


Your photo book must include a conclusion page. In the conclusion, you must tell us about your overall thoughts about last Summer. Was it a good Summer? a bad one? You must finish your paragraph letting us know what your dreams/ plans for next Summer are.


You will be evaluated on the following:


  • Writing complete sentences
  • Using transition words at the beginning of each paragraph
  • The respect of the expectations for each paragraph
  • Using specific and varied vocabulary

Part 4: Poem

At the bottom of the box, you must glue on a poem that describes you.


  1. Brainstorm as many words as you can to describe yourself such as hobbies, personality traits and appearance.
  2. Write your poem using only 30 words. No more. No less.
  3. Display your poem in an original and creative way.
  4. Make sure the vocabulary is correct and that the sentences are complete.
  5. You can write your poem at the first person or at the third person.


  Not Meeting Meeting Fully Meeting Exceeding
Photo Album: Paragraphs  -begins without establishing the topic

• may attempt to develop the topic, but often wanders, loses focus

• noreal“ending”

• overuses simple

connecting words

 introduces the topic;

• generally sticks to the topic and is easy to follow, but may wander in places

• ending is weak or abrupt

• may overuse a few connecting words

 introduces the topic

• sticks to the topic; easy to follow, with related ideas grouped together

• ending is logical but abrupt

• uses a variety of connecting words

opens with a clear intention or purpose; provides context develops the topic with a logical sequence of ideas effective ending uses increasing variety of transitional words and phrases; may take risks
Photo album:


• simple,repetitive language; may make errors in word choice

• sentences are often short and repetitive

 language tends to be simple and often vague

• sentence length may be varied; relies on a few basic patterns

• language is clear; some variety and description

• variety of sentence lengths; may vary sentence beginnings

language is clear, varied; some precise, expressive language flows smoothly, with a variety of sentence lengths and patterns
Poem: incomplete;may attempt to create a poem

simple,repetitive language; may make errors in word choice

• frequent errors

-creates a complete poem that is often predictable and modelled closely on others’ work or ideas

conversational language

• some noticeable errors

creates a – complete, straightforward poem with some individuality or originality

language is clear and varied

• few errors


creates an original poem with some complexity

language is clear and varied; takes risks to create an impact

sense of control; any errors are usually the result of taking risks to use complex language

Oral presentation sometimes hard to hear. 

Some items are not explained. 

More than 3 items are missing or incomplete.

– Sometimes needs to be reminded to speak loud and clear, at a decent paste

generally explains the meaning of the 10 objects, the logo and the motto

Some items are missing or incomplete

speaks loud and clear, at a decent paste

clearly explains the meaning of the 10 objects, the logo and the motto

All items are present

speaks loud and clear, at a decent paste; seems natural

explains the 10 objects, the logo and the motto using specific details

All items are present

Presentation Artwork is simple and shows minimum effort and attention to detail.


Some artwork is carefully drawn, coloured and outlined. Little care and attention to detail


Most artwork is carefully drawn and shows some care and attention to detail


Artwork is impressive and shows great care and attention to detail


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