Unit 1: Short Vowel Spelling

Week of September 9th, 2013

Quiz: Friday, September 13th, 2013

Notion: The short vowel sounds are \a\ as in hat, \e\ as in net, \i\ as in did, \o\ as in lot, and \u\ as in cup.

  1. evidence
  2. understand
  3. magnificent
  4. fundamental
  5. unless
  6. symbolic
  7. infinity
  8. abstract
  9. except
  10. candid
  11. digital
  12. endurance
  13. cultural
  14. check
  15. skill

As homework, memorize the words above. The words will be quizzed in a different order. Also, you are expected to be able to explain the definition of all the words in your own words.




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