Response to Literature

Response to Literature

Le Jour ni l’Heure 6973 : bureau de Jean Cocteau dans sa maison de Milly-la-Forêt, dét., tableau noir, Essonne, vendredi 10 août 2012, 16:18:38
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This is the formal structure to a response to literature.

The length of a journal entry on a response to literature should be from a page to two pages doubled spaced.

– Write an introduction that summarizes the passage and answers the prompt

– Write a topic sentence that expresses the main idea

– Use key details from the story to support the main idea

– Write a conclusion that restates the main idea and gives your own insight

Also, please refer the the writing process when writing your entry.


What do I want to say?

How do I want to say it?

Who will read my writing (This is important as the person who will read you may not have read the story you are writing on)

What else do I need to know to begin?

Who can I talk to about my ideas?


Make a plan or a spiderweb

Are my thoughts organized?

Which ideas do I want to develop?

In what order do I want to say them?

Who can read this and offer suggestions?


Have I read what I have written?

Are my details clear?

Should I add or take out parts?

Have I used the beast ideas?

Have I used the best words? Don’t forget. In grade 7 we want to enhance our vocabulary. We are looking into specific terms and we need to vary our vocabulary if the same idea comes more than once.

Am I writing in sensible order?

What suggestions have others made?


Have I used complete sentences?

Are my spelling, capitalization, punctuation correct?

Have I marked corrections that I need?

Has someone checked my work?

Do I have a correct and neat copy?


I make sure my paper is readable and clean before handing in out.

If handed in on a paper, I make sure it is not folded.

If handed in on my journal, I make sure my pencil was well sharpened.

I make sure that there is a title and that the date is written in the right corner.

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