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Partie 1: Le dessin technique


Il faut etablir un plan montrant les principales étapes de production; l’exécuter en le modifiant au besoin. Tu dois utliliser le dessin technique et faire ton plan a l’echelle.

Tu dois utiliser les formes geometriques ainsi que la perspective oblique.

Tu peux utiliser des logiels de design comme Sketchup et 123design.

1- Un plan de la production complete.

2- Un plan pour chacun des cotes

3- un Plan pour chacune des parties.

Arduino Electricity Robotics Textiles Woodworking
Keith Maddie 1Nathan Ella Joe
Ryan Daniel 1Rowan Amihan Tilda
Alan Burke 1Aijaz Parker Maya
JP Ewan 1Tom Naelle Christian
  Hanna 2Anya Shayla Jack
  Ciara 2Kyara   
  Jeremy 2Poppy    

En equipe, ce que tu dois faire avant de commencer:

1- Decider des dimensions.

2- Distribuer les taches et les dire a Oli

3- Commencer le dessin technique


Criteria Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4: A Very good job Level 5: Exceeding the expectations from peers.
Clarity of the description

1-He/She uses a good French vocabulary.

2- Explanations are clear and well-worded

1- Use of specific terminology

2- Explanations show details and no mistakes in vocabulary, grammar and conventions.


Clarity and quality of the drawing

1- Use of colour

2- Use of a ruler if done on paper

Digital drawings are accurate

3-Easy to understand

4- Details

1- Colours are vibrant

2- Looks professional, lines are perfect.

3- Added many extra details

Creativity + Use of material

1- Creativity of the design

2- The paper is clean

The wow factor

The paper is clean and professional looking


1-Accurate measurements throughout the project.

2- Ratio is easy to understand

Measurements are precise, to the closest mm.

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