Daily 5s

When is daily 5? 

On Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 2:34 until 3:00 pm

Why do we do daily 5 in grade 7?

As we are in a French Immersion setting, the daily 5 is a moment for you to practice your English Language Arts skills.

Also, it’s a moment that is offered to you to learn to manage your own time in prepration for High School.

This 25 minutes at the end of the day will also give me the opportunity to meet with some students one to one, to meet teams to go over where you are at in your projects and to lead litterature circles.

What is expected of me during the daily 5s? 

You are expected to be on task, doing an English Language Arts work of your choice.

You  can also use this time to work on your current projects alone or with your teamates.

Students that are not on task will be given extra work to complete at home.

Students are allowed to talk, but expected to use a quiet voice.

Is there mandatory work to do during the daily 5s?

Yes, there is!

You have to complete a paragraph editing worksheet, a daily language review worksheet and a daily reading comprehension worksheet. So, to resume, you have  to have completed 3 worksheets! Those worksheets are due for the next day.

The daily paragraph editing worksheet and the daily language review worksheet for the week will be in the pocketcharts, on our Daily 5 bulletin board. A package with all the reading comprehension worksheets for the week will be handed to you on Mondays.

So, do I have to complete the 3 worksheets before doing the work I want to do?

No, that’s the thing. It’s up to you to manage your time. If you prefer to use this time to work on your projects, to read your novel or to do a language activity of your choice, you can as long as the 3 worksheets are completed before English class the following day.

That way, if you are more comfortable reading your novel at school or to study for your Friday quiz at school and to complete your worksheets at home as homework, you can.

So, what do I do if the teacher wants to meet with me?

Normally, the teacher will let you know in advance if he wants to see you during the daily 5s. Once again, it is up to you to plan your schedule of the day knowing you have a meeting at 2:35 Pm and that you wil not be able to complete your homework or to meet with your peers during that time.

So what are the Daily 5s?

Read to Self or Read to others

  • Read the book for our novel study
  • Read your “personal” book and/or complete your book report
  • Read a book of your choice in the classroom or from the library

Vocabulary / Word Work

  • Daily language review – MANDATORY
  • Study for your weekly spelling test
  • Word puzzles
  • Bananagram

Writing Activities

  • Write a personal journal entry
  • Choose a journal entry from the box
  • Complete a “think further”entry  from  our CNN sessions
  • Write sentences using the vocabulary words of the week
  • Find the definitions of the vocabulary words of the week
  • Write a blog entry
  • Write a entry for our Twitter feed

Reading Comprehension

  • Daily reading comprehension – MANDATORY

Grammar Activities

  • Daily paragraph editing – MANDATORY
  • Complete the grammar activities of the week


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