Unit 4: Identity


Lit Circles English PDF

1. Lit Circles

– Weekly

– with your team

– Each member has an assigned task for the week

– All is organized by the team

– Every week, your work has to be filled in the student handbook

2. Group Presentation


Slide 1: Title, Author, Publication date
Slide 2: Brief plot outline of main events of the story
Slide 3-4: Main character list complete with physical & personality descriptions
Slide 5: Description of the setting. Add pictures or drawings.

Slide 6-7: Explain how the themes of identity, family and society are used through the novel.

Slide 8: Create a book review paragraph complete with 1-5 star rating and why.
Slides 9-10: Create an interactive  vocabulary game where you will use 10 words from the book. The class will be participating.


Due Date: Wednesday, May 28th, 2014



Venn diagram

Individual Project

Create a Venn diagram to show similarities and differences in the traits of the main character and yourself on the themes of identify, family and society.
Have at least 5 similarities between main character and you
Have at least 5 differences for the main character and 5 differences for you (no repeats!)

Minimum total of written pieces of information = 15

Due Date: Monday, May 26th, 2014


Book  in a minute

With your team, make a movie that will tell the story of your book.

Your movie must last one minute, at the max.

Please refer to the story board and the evaluation for the expectations.


Due date: TBA – on Hold for now – Focus on your other projects.


Letter to the Author


Write a letter to the author that shows your reaction to the book.

Include all elements of a friendly letter (date, greeting, body, closing, & signature). Include:

1. Your opinion of the book and reasons for your opinion

2. The character in the book you are most like and why. Give specific examples.

3. Your favorite part of the book.

4. At least 2 questions you have about the book


Make sure to introduce and to conclude your letter properly.

Use transition words.

Your text must be at the computer, using Arial or Times 12.

Your text must contain 200 words, double spaced.

Make sure you include your home or school address in the letter.

Include an addressed envelope with your return address & the author’s address. (Check the back of the book or author’s Web site for author’s address. You may also send the letter directly to the publisher, which should be on the copyright page of the book.)

Due Date: Monday, June 2nd, 2014

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