Math is an important part of the Grade 7 curriculum. Math class is going to be taught daily in the morning, generally after recess.


Even though it is not mandatory, I strongly recommend that students have a calculator, a 30 cm ruler, a protractor and a compass. Bingo chips or blocs with at least two different colours will help students while doing homework at home.

In class, I will be basing my lessons on Math Makes Sense 7. Math Makes Sense offers a website to support the student’s learning at home. You can visit it at the following address: . Students will be given an activity book to practice notions at home.

Students will be given two workbooks and a duo tang. One of the workbook is going to be a Math Concept dictionary and the other one will be to practice the exercises from Math Makes Sense 7 in class. In the duo-tang, students will insert extra-practice worksheets, Math Minutes and Mini-Tests. Unit tests will be kept in the student’s file until the end of the school year.

What I need to know before starting the Grade 7 Math curriculum

– Additions and Subtractions to 12

– Time tables to 12





Virtual Manipulatives

We are using this website to understand math concepts in class. Please use it at home when doing homework.


Free Applications 

Websites to support the learning at home:


Funbrain Math Arcade 

Gamequarium Math Games


Virtual Math Manipulatives

IXL Math Activities

Nelson – Math Focus 

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