Youth in BC – info and resources for LGBTQ2S+ youth and questioning youth, and online chat:


Youth Space online chat support (6pm to midnight):


QMUNITY Youth Program (gab) – find them on facebook, to connect and find other resources.


Life Voice Crisis supports:


List of some LGBTQ2S+ friendly crisis lines:


Service directory through trans care BC:


Here to Help LGBTQ2S+ resources:


The Trevor Project

-offers helplines, etc. primarily in the US, however they also have an international chat available, as described below:

No matter where you live, you can access, a safe and secure social networking site for LGBTQ young people and their allies. The Trevor Project makes sure that the only people allowed on the site are ages 13 to 24, and no hate-speech, discrimination, or bullying of any kind are allowed. Please know that visiting TrevorSpace may leave a record on your computer or browser, just like any website does after you visit it. While The Trevor Project does everything we can to ensure TrevorSpace is a safe digital community, we hope that you also take steps to avoid dangerous or unsafe situations in your own area. You are not alone!

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