Messages – March 7th, 2018


Here are a few important messages:

1- Photo day is tomorrow, Thursday, March 8th. 

2- Grade 6 Parents: There is the first Quebec Echange 2019 meeting tomorrow, Thursday, March 8th at 7:00 pm in the library

3- We are going to the Museum of Vancouver this Friday! We are walking there so make sure your child is dressed accordingly. Students must bring their lunch. I will not allow students to buy food from the vending machines as they are not in compliance with the VSB's regulations. Thanks to our 3 parent volunteers. Cease Wyss will also be in attendance. 

4- You can sign up now for the student-led conferences. See the administration's email to how to sign up. Yes, the conferences are an hour long but you don't have to stay that long and you can also opt to stay longer. I will send a different message with details about that day. The student-led conferences will be a celebration of our Biennale project. The Vancouver Biennale leads will be present during selected hours to meet with you as well during the parent-teacher conferences for those who would wish to learn more about the program we did this term.

5- The students from Division 2 will be presenting their Biennale project to the school community during the We Day school assembly on March 16th. Artist Cease Wyss and the Vancouver Biennale leads will be present that day. 

6- Our artist in residence and friend cease Wyss has been announced as the Vancouver Public Library artist in residence for this year! She will be giving  workshops and presentations at various locations in this city. Please see the VPL website if you would like to attend one. You are in for a treat!

Upcoming Important Dates:

April 27th: Grade 6: Amazing Race
June 1st : Grade 6 and Grade 7 : Science World
June 21st 7PM: Grade 7 Graduation (Grade 6s are welcome to come support their classmates.)
June 25th: Grade 6 and Grade 7: Playland
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Vancouver Biennale Information @Van_Biennale

Hello Division 2 community,

As you may know, our division will be part of an art-based inquiry supported by the Vancouver Biennale foundation. Our class will be taking part in a 6 week journey with our artist in residence Cease Wyss. Cease is a media artist with close to 25 years experience in this field. She has produced various formats of media art, as well as being a mentor in her field for close to 15 years. She is also an ethno-botanist, traditionally trained in this field by Indigenous Elders. Her work involves site-specific and culturally focused teaching with storytelling as her means to sharing knowledge. The students love Cease. She has an easy-going, kind and soft approach the kids really respond to. We are so fortunate to be paired with such a vibrant, involved and well-respected artist in the Vancouver Arts community.

Here is the description of our the project I have submitted to Biennale to get the grant for the artist in residence:

We live in a society where we compare everything: ethnicities, origins, wealth, countries, our homes, our success, etc. This is supported by a theory called the social comparison theory, created by Leon Festinger in 1954. According to Psychology today, Social comparison theory states that we determine our own social and personal worth based on how we stack up against others. As a result, we are constantly making self and other evaluations across a variety of domains (for example, attractiveness, wealth, intelligence, and success).


This lead me to reflect on the fact that in many occasions, we do compare ourselves to others in our community without knowing their realities, their backgrounds, their lives. We see what we think is better or that looks prettier as a goal to achieve without asking ourselves if these people are actually happy, if they are struggling and/or if they do believe this is actually a standard they had set up for themselves.

There is a lot of social pressure and social conceptions that we use to define us. Are the things or the people we compare ourselves to feel the same? Do they realize we look up to them? Is the grass actually greener on the other side? Is what we perceive as a goal to achieve just a pose (a moment] in time?

Strike a Pose|Just a Pose is about analyzing moments in time in our community and the influence of popular culture and popular beliefs that influence them. It’s about going beyond perceptions to analyse point of views. The activity is called Strike a Pose as this inquiry is about opening student’s eyes to greater perspectives and to the reality beyond what we idealize and who/what we compare ourselves to in our immediate surrounding in order to raise empathy for others and to develop social-emotional skills for ourselves. The end goal is to explore the different things we idealize in our neighborhood in order to have a greater sense of why we put them on a pedestal and to have a stronger sense of self and expectations we give ourselves. This inquiry will lead to making global connections by digging through the past, the history and the past generations of the people living on this unceded land.

The project

For our project, students will complete 3 artworks: 1 alone, 1 with a team and a collective. They will also document all of their findings in a newspaper they will write throughout the journey.

1- The first activity will be a compare/contrast essay in French based on a driving question of interest. This essay will be used as the editorial for their French Paper. Students picked from the Ancient Civilizations to Canadian issues such as Residential Schools and refugees. With the help of Cease, they will complete an editorial cartoon inspired by Roy Fox Lichtenstein. Students have been reading French novel inspired by their topic to have a better idea of the context their question takes place in.

2- The second part will explore STEM. We will learn about electricity, simple machines, laws of Newton with tools such as Lego Mindstorms, Little Bits, Makey Makey, Arduino and Simple Circuits. Students will be asked to create a structure that involves one or more of these scientific discoveries to make connections to a contemporain issue. Topics of interests could be environmental issues, child labour, epidemic/pandemic response, fisheries management, resource use and misuse, food distribution and famine.Students will write a main story on this topic in French to add up to their journal.

3- The last part will be a collective sculpture inspired by Parisian artist Bordalo. We will create a permanent sculpture inspired by the Coast-salish culture in the style of Bordalo. For this to happen, I would appreciate if you could bring to school all types of recycables such as thin cans, wood scraps, plastic containers, wires, metals, etc. We will use all that we have to create a design that will represent a first nation symbol.On February 16th, we will do a field rip to Stanley Park to learn about the Coast Salish Cultures and to find inspiration for our sculpture. 

Throughout the term, for English class, we will read the novel Pay It Forward, where we will learn about the Random Acts of Kindness movement. We will also write short stories inspired by the kindness movement to add on to our journal.

We will present to you our Kindness Fair during the parent-teacher conferences, as a result of this term’s work.

Thank you for your support,


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New Reporting Language



A friendly reminder that I am participating in the pilot project  with the new reporting.

Report cards for those participating in this project will go home on  January 31st, and not in December as in earlier years.

Attached is a document to help you  with the language that I have used when evaluating your child and the language that will be on the report card you will receive in January. So fr, the students have reacted very well to the change. I have seen many pushing themselves to extend their thinking. 🙂

Thank you!



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Holiday Hampers




Attached please find the link for the sign-up for the holiday hampers that may be forwarded to your class.
Collection boxes will be placed in the classroom pods until Dec 8th.
Division 2 is helping the Saddleback Family – Jillayna (11), Brayden(12) Payton (8)
The details are on the spreadsheet.
Thanks for helping a family this holiday season.
Cheri Leigh Sewell & Carrie Cu
Holiday Hamper Organizers




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Grad Hoodies – Grade 7 #DIV2LEB

To All Parents of Grade 7 Students,


This is a call for all students to create their unique design ideas for the “Class of 2018” grad hoodies.
Starting today, students have until Tuesday, Dec 5 @ 9am to submit their design ideas.
This is an “at-home” assignment that is optional but strongly encouraged.


Here are the guidelines:


(1) Words on design:   Class of 2018
(2) Design format:  Needs to be submitted on a 8.5 by 11 inch white sheet of paper
(3) Ink: Black “sharpie” marker  (no pencil, no pen because lines will be too thin)


The grade 7s will vote on their preferred design choice on Tuesday, Dec 5 at lunch.


Additional information:
– This is an “at home” project. Do not assume students will have class time to work on this.
– The design will go on the back of the hoodies.
– Student signatures will be incorporated into the chosen design.
– The black ink will show up in white ink against the coloured hoodie.


Our goal is to have the hoodies in time for the December holiday break.




The Grad Hoodie team
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Holiday Hampers

Dear Families-


Tis the Season for Giving-


Each division is collecting a holiday hamper for a family at our sister school, Grandview Elementary.  Your teacher has sent you a link to a google sheet sign-up so that a variety of items is collected for each family.


Please place new, unwrapped items in the boxes by Friday December 8th.

All items are welcome.


Thank you for helping make the holidays brighter for these families.


Carrie Cu & Cheri-Leigh Sewell

Holiday Hamper Organizers


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A few messages – Week of November 15th, 2017


Thanks to everyone I have met so far regarding your child’s progress and i am looking forward to meet with the others very shortly! All the students are making so much progress and I couldn’t be more proud of them!

Here are a few messages that would be of interest this week:


1- Reporting


Dear Parent/Guardian:


This year your child’s teacher, Oli will be participating in a Vancouver School Board pilot project designed to align reporting practices with the redesigned BC curriculum.  This will result in three significant changes to reporting for the 2017-2018 school year in your child’s class.


  1. A shift from primarily focussing on summative assessment to a primarily focussing on formative assessment

These changes in communicating with parents are part of the redesigned BC Curriculum.  Based on current assessment research, ongoing personal feedback, embedded in daily instruction, and examples of student work are more beneficial in supporting student learning than simply reporting on student results.  Thus the shift in practice.  The communication is based on clear standards and expectations and is intended to make learning visible.  Students are encouraged to think of the questions:

  • Where am I now?
  • Where am I going?
  • What do I need to do to get there?


  1. 5 required communications with parents within a calendar year:
  • a minimum of three ongoing communications of student learning throughout the school year
  • one written progress report at the end of January
  • one written summative report at the end of June


  1. Ongoing Communication with Parents (a minimum of three times a year, timing at the teacher’s discretion)
  • based on authentic evidence of student learning from a variety of sources (examples of student work, photographs, audio, video, portfolios)
  • based on clear standards and expectations and is intended to make learning visible
  • can occur in different ways (three-way conferences, electronic portfolio reviews, parent-teacher meetings, reflections on student work, Fresh Grade or other on-line platforms, telephone conversations, interim written reports)


  1. Written Progress Reports – end of January and end of June
  • a written progress report will be sent to parents by the end of January
  • a written summative report will be sent to parents by the end of June.  This report will indicate where the child is in relation to the age/grade expectations and a student self-assessment of the Core Competencies (Communication, Thinking and Personal and Social)
  • a summary of the progress toward the goals in the child’s Individual Education Plan (IEP), where applicable
  • letter grades must be provided to parents on request


All 5 communications with parents can include:

  • descriptive information about the child’s learning
  • the learning goals the child is working towards
  • ways to further support the child’s learning at school and at home
  • the child’s contributions to the classroom, school and community
  • how the child interacts with others
  1. Student Self-Assessment of the Core Competencies with the written summative report in June
  • began June 2017

By participating in this process students are provided with meaningful information about their learning so that they can monitor their progress towards the learning goals they set.  Parents are involved as partners in a dialogue about their child’s progress and the best ways to support and improve learning.  We look forward to working with you as we continue to focus on your child’s learning.



Burt G. Frenzell



2- Lice in Grade 6/7 POD

Dear Parents / Guardians,

There has been a case of head lice in your child’s classroom. It is extremely important that you check your child’s hair and scalp carefully in order to prevent the spread of lice. If found, please treat as explained on the attached document. It is important that we work together to combat this.

Thank you for your support.

The link to Vancouver Coastal Health Head Lice page is:




HealthLinkBC (Provincial Link):




On the websites you will find helpful information about lice and treatment options.


The webpage will have the most current/up to date information on treatment options.


If you have questions or concerns you may consult your local pharmacist.


To find head lice early, it is a good idea to check your child/children regularly for head lice.

For further information, please contact the public health nurse at your local health center.


3- A message from the PAC

Hello Parents!

We are contacting you in this way because all of our usual ways of communicating with you are seen by Burt.  As you know Burt is retiring in December.  We are told his last day will be December 22, 2017.  We are planning a few surprises for him before he leaves and would appreciate your help, if you are able.  PLEASE DO NOT DISCUSS THIS WITH BURT!  He is not aware we are planning anything and we would like to ensure he is surprised.  We are organizing a few gifts including an art piece from the children and a plaque for Burt’s legacy tree on the west side of the school.  If you would like to contribute to the gifts for Burt, please provide your child’s teacher with a cheque to LAPEB for the amount you wish to contribute.  All contributions must be received by November 20, 2017.  If you would like to take a few moments to write a note about / to Burt, we would appreciate receiving write ups to meganfrieda@gmail.com by November 20, 2017.  If you have any questions or would like to discuss the plans, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Thank you for your help!

Megan Taylor

PAC Chair


4- Meet Amélie, Our student teacher! 



Have a great week!



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VSO field trip tomorrow



A friendly reminer that we are going to the VSO tomorrow.

I still have two spots available for parent volunteers! Please email me if you can come at OSalvas@vsb.bc.ca


Here are some reminders about concert etiquettes at the Orpheum;


  1. In consideration of others, there are a few rules of etiquette practiced in concert halls around the world that you should share with your students:
    •   Please arrive early. Latecomers must wait quietly in the lobby until a suitable break in the music. The best time to arrive is before the concert begins!
    •   Cameras and recording devices are not permitted in the Orpheum. Cameras can prove extremely distracting to musicians and other audience members. Audience members found using cameras during the performance will be escorted from the theatre.
    •   Food and drink are not permitted inside the Orpheum. While it may be tempting to pack a snack for after the concert, please leave these snacks in the bus, and take students to another location before eating. We cannot accommodate classes who wish to snack in the theatre.
    •   Cellular phones and electronic devices must be turned off. This includes watch alarms, pocket-sized video games, iPods, or anything else that could make a noise during the concert. Such noises are very distracting to the audience and the musicians.
    •   Keep talking to a minimum. The Orpheum has wonderful acoustics, so you’ll be able to hear everything going on on-stage. Those on stage will also be able to hear everything going on in the audience. Please keep talking to a minimum during the music.
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